about us

Jeff and Jessica met in 2003. The details vary a bit depending on which of the two you are talking to, but the story always ends the same... they were crazy about each other! They immediately had a connection and right away started spending endless days together eating gelato, going for sushi, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Jessica was a flight attendant when they met and would diligently mail Jeff a post card from every place she stayed. Jeff sweetly kept every one in a little box that now sits on a shelf in their kitchen.

In 2004, they adopted a little dog named Chapeau, a pomeranian toy poodle full of mischief but one of the sweetest little pups you will ever meet. During the summer of 2009, they took a month long road trip and drove across Canada. They traveled from their home in Calgary, Alberta, all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back. They were lucky enough to have both their brothers join them for the ride out, so with 4 adults and little dog in tow, the car was packed to the rafters. They had such a great trip and loved being able to stop every where they wanted along the way- visiting family and friends all over the country. Upon returning home, Jeff and Jess discovered they were pregnant! They were both very surprised, but quickly warmed up to the idea of growing their family and having a little human to share their love and hopes for the world with. In April of 2010, they gently welcomed Finn Nathan Kyle into their family. Named after their brothers, Nathan and Kyle, they couldn't be happier to have this little munchkin in their lives!

 On Christmas morning, Jeff, Jess and Finn were opening presents. Finn pulled out a pretty little box which Jeff told him was for Mama. Jessica opened it up and found the prettiest ring inside. Jeff casually asked if Jessica would marry him, to which she cried and nodded enthusiastically. Little Finn looking on with the biggest grin on his face.

About Jeff:
Born in Fredericton, NB to Anne & Dave
Has a younger brother named Kyle
Is a stay-at-home dad to our darling Finn
Works as a freelance photographer in his down time (you can view his website HERE)
Former coffee lover turned tea drinker back on the coffee, new sock wearer, skateboard lover, train watcher, camera collector

About Jess:
Born in Calgary, AB to Deborah & Ed
Has two wonderful step parents - Scott and Terry
Has a younger brother named Nathan and two step sisters - Cara and Marcy
Works for an urban environmental non-profit and is called a hippy by most of her family and friends
Writes a blog all about their wild family adventures and things that are generally awesome (you can view that HERE)
Bread baker, moccasin lover, guerrilla gardener, plastic avoided, Tom Jackson's biggest fan

About Finn:
Born April 9, 2010 in Calgary, AB
Loves going for long bike rides and watching trains go by- endlessly
Knows quite a bit of sign language - his favourite words being: dog, cracker and thank you
Ridiculously ticklish and loves to clean up around the house (don't even try to sweep if Finn is around)
Must take off his shoes and socks in the car
Loves sweet potatoes, Tofurkey and oatmeal
Best friend is Theo de Boer. They get into lots of trouble together!