Many of you have generously asked if there is anything we need for our wedding. Though your presence is honestly what would most make us smile and we do not expect or need a single gift, if you absolutley must bring us something, we would be grateful for contributions to put towards our savings for a new home. We currently live in a lovely little condo that is perfect in every way except for the fact that it only has one bedroom. We love our home and our neighbourhood and have been able to make due just fine, but inevitably, we will need to find a new space with a bit more room for us to grow. Each day that we have the privilege to come home to our new space, we will think of you and how you've greatly enriched our lives by helping us build a home to live and love- a place to welcome family and friends and create incredible memories.

All this being said, please do not in any way feel obligated to bring a gift to our wedding. We have been so fortunate in so many areas of our life and are grateful to be able to celebrate this day with our closest family and friends. 

Jeff, Jess & Finn