the wedding party

Maid of Honour - Stephanie Nigh
Calgary, AB
Likes: Chocolate, tea and crumpets, scarves, yoga, seashells, crafts, bubble baths, new shampoo, vacuuming
Dislikes: Line-ups, hospitals, headaches, bowling, wind, scary movies.

Bridesmaid - Becky Zimmer
Calgary, AB
Likes: coconut, forensics, interior decorating, feathers, the beach, cinnamon buns, scarves.
Dislikes: birds, winter driving, moustaches, loud TVs, chaos, chewing tobacco, fantasy (books, movies), dr. pepper.

Bridesmaid - Holly Kerr
Calgary, AB
Likes: 5 cent candies, volleyball, road trips, toonie bars, being a part of your best friend’s wedding
Dislikes: big trucks, crafts, scary movies, blind dates, popped collars

Bridesmaid - Sarah Polson
Calgary, AB
Likes: Sundays, books, popcorn, red wine, lavender.
Dislikes: mis-spelled words, hand-talkers, traffic, horseradish, western movies.

Best Man - Kyle Thorburn
Fredericton, NB
Likes: Reading, driving, riding, hiking, and chocolate
Dislikes: Not finishing, potholes, flat tires, wet feet, and milk

Groomsman - Kelsy Norman
Calgary, AB
Likes: Literary theory, baseball, Steve Mcqueen movies, soul music, San Francisco
Dislikes: Slow walkers, people who are late, cars who don't respect cyclists, butter on sandwiches, longboards

Groomsman - Alex LeBlanc
Fredericton, NB
Likes: People that are generally interested, having four seasons, sunday mornings with my girlfriend, the first alcoholic drink after a long day, rolling downhill on smooth roads.
Dislikes: People that are generally uninterested, the winter time, monday mornings... with my girlfriend, the fact that I love alcohol so much, walking downhill on smooth roads.

Groomsman - Nathan Duchin
Calgary, AB
Likes: Spending time with family, skiing, golf, sleeping in, playing baseball
Dislikes: traffic, my allergies to nuts (because I hear they are so good!), eczema

Wedding MC - James Boettcher
Calgary, AB
Likes: Life, love, knowledge, inspiration, puppies, great gelato and a good latte
Dislikes: Death, hate, dumb people, cats, mario's gelato and bad coffee